Do you like Saint Andrews Hall?

ZZ Ward

22nd September 2017 - Friday 18:30

ZZ Ward, Pennsylvania’s sensational pop, rock, and soul artist is bringing her signature sounds to the Saint Andrews Hall!

ZZ Ward (birth name Zsuzsanna Eva Ward) was born in Abington (Pennsylvania) in 1986 and is a singer, songwriter, and multi instrumentalist (guitar, piano, and harmonica). Her musical style is best described as a blend of blues rock (a fusion genre combining elements of blues and rock, characterized by bluesy improvisation, the twelve bar blues, extended boogie jams typically focused on the electric guitar player, and often a heavier, riff oriented sound), R&B, pop rock (a genre that originated in the 1950s, influenced by the beat, arrangements, and style of rock and roll but with a greater emphasis on professional songwriting and recording craft), and blue eyed soul (a term coined in the mid 1960s to describe white artists who performed soul and R&B that was similar to the music of the Motown and Stax record labels). She’s had a stellar career with 1 studio album, 2 extended plays, 1 mix tape, 7 singles, and she’s collaborated with Freddie Gibbs, Joey Purp, Blended Babies, Asher Roth, Chuck Inglish, Robben Ford, and Lindsey Stirling. Her music has also been featured in many TV series. Her latest album (The Storm) comes out on 30th June 2017.

Don't miss your chance to see this artist add a unique touch to blues rock, R&B, pop rock, and blue eyed soul music!