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31st March 2018 - Saturday 20:30

Sleep, California’s sensational stoner rock artists are bringing their signature sounds to Saint Andrews Hall!

Sleep was formed (in the early 90s in San Jose) from the band Asbestosdeath, which was established by Al Cisneros (vocals and bass), drummer Chris Hakius, and guitarist Tom Choi. Guitarist Matt Pike was added to the line up and the band changed its name to Sleep after Tom left and was replaced by guitarist Justin Marler. Their musical style falls under the category of stoner rock (aka stoner metal); a genre which combines elements of heavy metal, psychedelic rock, blues rock, alternative metal, space rock, and doom metal. It can perhaps be best described as stoner doom (aka stoner metal or psychedelic doom); doom metal that incorporates psychedelic elements, to varying degrees. Stoner doom is often bass heavy and makes much use of guitar effects such as fuzz, phaser or flanger. Stoner rock and stoner doom emerged simultaneously and the latter can be considered the heavier and slower form of the former. Sleep had a big influence on heavy metal music in the 1990s but due to conflicts with its record company, the band split up. It reformed in 2009 and the present line up consists of Al (bass guitar, vocals), Matt (guitar), and Jason Roeder (drums).

Don’t miss your chance to see these artists who are regarded by many as the ultimate stoner rock band! Click the button below to see Sleep on Saturday, March 31st!

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