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Here Come The Mummies

15th February 2018 - Thursday 20:30

Here Come the Mummies, Tennessee’s sensational funk artists are bringing their signature sounds to the Saint Andrews Hall!

Here Come the Mummies was formed in Nashville in 2000 by Oozie Mummy (trumpet and vocals), Teste Verde (trumpet), Bucking Blanco (trumpet), Ramses Mummy (bass), Hoser (saxophone), and Java Mummy (percussion and vocals). They hide their identities because it’s believed that they’re under contract to various record labels and want to avoid any contractual disputes and legal conflicts. The band’s been through a few line up changes over the years and it currently consists of Mummy Cass(anova) (guitar and lead vocals), Eddie Mummy (drums and vocals), Spazzy Mummy (keyboards and vocals), KW Tut (bass and vocals), Mummy Rah (tenor sax), The Flu (baritone sax), Midnight Mummy (baritone sax and syntar), The Pole! (bass), BB Queen (trumpet), and Will Pharaoh (trumpet). While their musical style can be broadly classified as funk, it also includes elements of Funk, rock, blues, hard rock, and ska (a style that originated in Jamaica in the late 1950s, combining elements of Caribbean mento and calypso with American jazz and rhythm and blues, and characterized by a walking bass line accented with rhythms on the off beat). They’ve had a stellar career with 9 studio albums, 4 extended plays, 2 live albums, and 3 compilation albums.

Don’t miss your chance to see these artists add a unique touch to funk, rock, blues, hard rock, and ska music! Click the button below to see Here Come The Mummies on Thursday, February 15th!

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