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Cannibal Corpse

25th November 2017 - Saturday 19:00

Cannibal Corpse, New York's sensational death metal artists are bringing their signature sounds to the Saint Andrews Hall!

Cannibal Corpse was formed in Buffalo (New York) in 1988 by Alex Webster, Jack Owen, Chris Barnes, Bob Rusay, and Paul Mazurkiewicz. Their musical style is best described as death metal; an extreme subgenre of heavy metal music, typically employing heavily distorted and low-tuned guitars, played with techniques such as palm muting and tremolo picking, deep growling vocals and screams, and aggressive, powerful drumming. The band's been through many line up changes over the years and it currently consists of Alex (bass guitar), Paul (drums), Rob Barrett (rhythm guitar), George ‘Corpsegrinder’ Fisher (vocals), Pat O'Brien (lead guitar). They cite thrash metal bands like Slayer and Kreator and other death metal bands like Morbid Angel and Death as their influences. The band’s lyrics and album art rely heavily on horror fiction and horror films and are often a subject of controversy (many countries have even banned their concerts. They’ve had a stellar career with 13 studio albums, 3 live albums, 4 video albums, 10 music videos, 2 extended plays, and 2 box sets. As of 2015, all of their albums have a combined sales of two million units thereby making them the highest selling death metal band of all time.

Don’t miss your chance to see one of the most popular death metal bands of the '90s!